Pet Policy Basics – Greenville Property Management Education for Landlords

System - Monday, August 28, 2017

When you’re putting your Greenville rental property on the market, you’ll need to decide whether you want to allow tenants who have pets. If you do allow pets, you’ll want to put together a pet policy and include information on how much you’ll charge for that pet. Today, we’re discussing how to navigate the issue of pets in your rental home.

Pet Fee or Deposit

You can charge either a pet fee, which is nonrefundable, or a pet deposit, which is refundable. It’s up to you, but we have found that it’s best to charge a flat pet fee. We have worked with pet deposits in the past, but it turned out to be too cumbersome, and it took a lot of time to determine what was and was not the pet’s fault. Any damage a pet does is still covered under the tenant’s security deposit. So, charging a pet fee gets you more yield or income.

Accepting Pets

Some landlords ask if it’s really a good idea to accept pets. One of the main reasons you should is that most people have a pet. It opens your universe and your tenant pool of prospective renters grows. But, not all pets are a good idea. Be careful not to take aggressive dog breeds. Some insurance companies will cancel your policy if you have a dog like a pit bull. So, be careful.

Carpets and Floors

One big expense associated with pets in your property is carpet cleaning. Dogs or cats who urinate inside the home can damage the subfloor of the property, and you’ll have to treat the flooring with an enzyme to get the smell out and protect the subfloor. It can seep through quickly if you’re not careful, and the odor can linger.

An experienced Greenville property management company can assess the situation and look for signs of animal urine in your property. You want to get these things treated right away, or the problem will get worse and more expensive.

If you have any questions about how to put together a pet policy or anything else, please contact us at Convergent Property Group. We’d be happy to be your resource for property management in Greenville.