How to Properly Inspect Your Greenville Rental Property

System - Tuesday, August 1, 2017

We have an extensive inspection checklist to make sure the properties we manage are in top condition before, during, and after a resident moves in and out. Making sure all of these things are covered will save the homeowner in the long run. A thorough inspection makes sure everyone is happy and understands where we are. Today, we’re talking about some of the things you need to remember when you’re inspecting a rental property.

Inspect the Exterior

Start with the exterior of the home. Walk around the property and make sure everything looks good. Always make sure you check the gutters and the roof. Keep the foliage and shrubs from touching the outside of the house. Keep all the trees and the grass neat and trimmed.

Inspect the Interior

Inside, check plumbing and appliances all the way down to the garbage disposal. Sometimes residents move out and the disposal isn’t working, which is easy to miss. Then you have to buy a new one, even if the prior tenant should have been responsible. Make sure the plumbing works. Flush all the toilets and make sure the faucets are functional. Check the HVAC filters and make sure they are clean and changed. This saves a homeowner lots of money because HVAC systems are expensive. Preventative maintenance is also important and will save you money and keep everything working.

Use a Checklist

The checklist we use is detailed, and we use it every time so we know nothing is missed. This comes from our many years of experience providing propertymanagement in Greenville. You don’t want to go inside for five minutes and only look at the floors. You need a proper checklist, and you need to provide attention to detail. Don’t overlook anything.
If you have any questions about inspections or you need help with Greenville property management, please contact us at Convergent Property Group.