Greenville Market Forecast – An Investor’s Guide

System - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

If you’re looking to buy investment rental property in a market you’re not familiar with, it’s a great idea to learn what’s going on in that community. Here in Greenville, South Carolina, we have a rapidly growing market. We can help you with investment decisions as well as Greenville property management.

Greenville’s Growth

Our downtown area has grown 46 percent since 2005. That’s phenomenal growth. The city is a small area size-wise, but we’re growing at a fast rate. In Greenville County, we only have about 550,000 people, so it’s a manageable market size. There’s so much room for potential. Livability rated Greenville’s downtown as number 4 in the entire United States for livability standards in 2015. It’s also a great place to visit, so if you haven’t been here, I strongly recommend a visit.

Quality of Life in Greenville

Our downtown area includes a walking bridge that goes over the Greenville Falls and makes a family-friend environment. We also have a strong job market which is appealing to young people as well as millennials, middle aged people, retirees, and individuals at every stage of their lives and careers. These are the things that provide a strong and reliable rental market. People want to come here and test the waters before buying, or they like the transient nature of being in a rental property.

Choosing the Right Investment

There are lots of places to live and buy, so you will need to help with narrowing down where you want to be and where your ideal tenants want to be. At Convergent Property Group, we have a lot of experience doing this. We know which outdoor parks are attractive to great tenants, and we know that access to the Swamp Rabbit Trail, which connects southern and northern Greenville County, is also important. This is a walking and riding tail people love. These natural areas are just a couple of the accoutrements people want to be near.

We would be delighted to tell you more about this fantastic city. Please contact us at Convergent Property Group with any questions about property management in Greenville.