Benefits of Hiring a Professional Property Manager vs. DIY in Greenville

System - Monday, September 4, 2017

A professional Greenville property management company can provide a number of benefits to investors and rental property owners. Today, we’re sharing why it’s better to hire a professional than do it on your own.

Maximizing Rent

A property manager knows the market and can get the maximum rent possible for your property. We know that every neighborhood and area has its own nuances and offers amenities people are looking for. Owners are often not aware of the benefits in different sections of town. A lot of times, we’ll see rental signs that advertise the price, and we’ll know we could have gotten more for that owner.

Experience and Contacts

Another big advantage is that we’ve been in business for a long time. We have established corporate connections. Many international companies are based in upstate South Carolina. Executives will come for several years at a time to live and work here. They are looking for nice, adequate, and affordable housing. These tenants will often take excellent care of properties, so these connections are helpful. These companies will tell us what their employees need, and we can match them up to properties pretty quickly.

Enforcing the Lease

Property managers can be the enforcers. We recently began working with an owner who lived down the street from the property he rented to tenants. The tenant knew that the owner lived three doors down. One month, when he was short on rent, the tenant knocked on the owner’s door and explained he didn’t have the money and wanted extra time. If you hire a professional Greenville property management company like Convergent, you don’t have to be the bad guy. We can be the bad guys and the ones to say no. We can explain to the tenants that they signed an agreement that’s enforceable by law, and that we need the rent money. Homeowners can sometimes be too nice, and property managers can be the strong arm to make sure your tenants pay on time.

Legal Knowledge

An important benefit is that your property manager will know the laws. In South Carolina, those laws are extensive. If you’re managing on your own, you’ll need to be familiar with the landlord tenant act. You’ll need to know what you can and can’t do when pulling credit. Your property manager can do all the background screening for you and protect your investment.

If you have any questions about how property management in Greenville can benefit you and your property, please contact us at Convergent Property Management.