4 Common Landlord Problems & Solutions from a Professional Property Manager in Greenville

System - Monday, September 11, 2017

We have often taken over properties from landlords who have tried to rent them out on their own. Generally, the situations are a mess. Today, we’re talking about common landlord problems and solutions.

Poor Tenant Screening

One time, we had a homeowner who didn’t do a proper background check. The tenants living there were not taking good care of the home, and the owner didn’t have the expertise to get them out. We began the eviction process on their behalf. This took more time and money than it should have because the landlord did not know the laws and the tenant did. When landlords aren’t sure how to handle problem tenants, they can be taken advantage of. We know how to circumvent these problems and effectively and quickly remove a tenant who doesn’t belong there.

Taking Checks for Security Deposits

Taking a personal check for a security deposit is a big mistake because if the check doesn’t go through, you probably won’t know it until the tenant has already moved in. We require certified funds or cash. This is a trick of the trade that comes with our many years of experience.

Preparing the Home for Tenants

Landlords fail to prepare the home properly before a tenant moves in. This is a big mistake because if you want to get the home back in good condition, you have to provide a property that’s in good condition. It’s also important to do an extensive inspection. If you don’t, it can cause problems when the tenants move out and you’re determining whether to return the security deposit.

Regular Inspections

We do copious inspections before tenants move in, during the tenancy, and when the tenants vacate. We document the property’s condition with pictures and videos so we can prove that the tenants are responsible for any damage. If you’re not doing this, it’s a huge mistake.

If you have any questions about Greenville property management, or you’d like help avoiding these common errors, please contact us at Convergent Property Group.